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Shop & store front security

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with a number of luxury and high street brands to create the very highest level of shop and store front security.

We understand all of the issues faced by high street retailers which is why our secure shop front solutions will ensure your store stands up to a violent, physical attack from would-be thieves as well as ‘ram raids’ by criminals on mopeds.

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Our secure shop front service enables us to create a truly bespoke design, specification and installation service for your particular store using on the very strongest security and bulletproof doors, windows, airlocks and shutters on the market. We can also provide anti-reflective glazing to further enhance the external shopping experience for your customers.

Each one of our tailored secure shop front systems is specifically designed to thwart attempted burglaries or thefts with zero compromise on the look and feel of your store. Plus, we can offer a fast turnaround with our highly experienced installation teams to ensure you’re protected as soon as possible.

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All of our shop front security doors meet the very highest security standards including RC4 EN1627, FB4 to EN1522 and FB6 to EN1522. Likewise, we only use P6b glass according to EN356 or P8b glass according to EN356 for glazing in our retail security projects.

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Want to make sure that your store stands up to anyone determined to break-in? Call us and we can arrange a safe, socially distanced site meeting to discuss your specific requirements. Irrespective of budget or location, the team here at Secure House is ready and waiting to provide the very highest levels of security for all kinds of different retail and commercial premises.

Secure House International

Secure House International

Did you know that we supply and install security doors, windows, shutters, garage doors, gates, sliding doors, folding doors (everything we do here in the UK in fact!) all over the world? We call it Secure House International!

Yes, that’s right Secure House is truly an international business and, over the last few years we have worked with clients in Africa, including Nigeria and Kenya, the Middle East, including Qatar and Dubai, and all across Europe, including the South of France, with a real focus on both luxury residential and commercial properties.

With our ever-growing team of installation professionals, we are able to reach every corner of the globe to help each and every one of our clients to feel safe, secure and comfortable in the their own home thanks to our unrivalled range of off-the-shelf and bespoke security door and window solutions.

We’ve recently completed several projects on the African continent that include high security shutters and high security doors. These installations were of a totally bespoke design, bulletproof doors for a luxury apartment complex and also private, ultra-high net worth residences.

Secure House International
Working to install high security doors and shutters in this luxury apartment complex

Working alongside the Nigerian-based developers, we created a 360-degree solution from bespoke design to implementation and aftersales.

The multiple single doorsets for each apartment are totally bulletproof and feature state-of-the-art multi-point locking systems. Finished in a striking, powder coated matt black, each door delivers truly imposing and highly secure entrance for these stunning apartments

We also created a matching double door set which we installed to create the main entrance to the apartment building. Complete with oversize handles to match their single door counterparts, this double set of bespoke, bulletproof doors will provide the ultimate level of security and peace of mind for every owner who has purchased a luxury apartment.

Secure House International
High security, bulletproof doors

To find out more about how we can work with you on your international project, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207



High security doors with concealed hinges

High security doors with concealed hinges

Security and style go hand-in-hand here at Secure House. One of the ways in which we can further enhance the sleek and stylish look of our high security doors, bulletproof doors and bulletproof windows is through the use of concealed hinges.

A result of research and technological innovation, concealed hinges are a design revolution that actually enhance security, thermal performance and sound insulation.

They are specifically designed to enable high security doors to fit flush to the wall and add an extra level of security and resistance to break-in as potential intruders and burglars simply cannot access the hinges.

Concealed hinges offer front, side and back high security doors a new level of elegance and safety for residents and are an essential element to consider when choosing security doors for your property.

For more information on the use of concealed hinges on high security doors, please feel free to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 8594207 or email: [email protected]