Fire doors away

Over the last 12 months, the safety and security of people living in tower blocks, apartments and other communal living spaces has become ever more paramount with fire doors high on the list of priorities.

The addition of fire rated apartment doors in such properties can give people up to five extra minutes to escape from the building in the event of a fire. That doesn’t sound like much but every second really does count in these life-threatening situations.

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Penthouse doors upgraded with stunning veneer security and fire rated doors

Penthouse apartment door upgrade

The team here at Secure House was delighted to be appointed to upgrade several high-end penthouse apartment doors with brand new, high security FD60 (60 minutes fire rated doors) front doors and FD30 (30 minutes fire rated doors) internal apartment doors.

Tasked with maintain the aesthetic of the original door and enhancing the finish to provide a more luxurious look and feel, we discussed exotic veneer options with the client. We have a wide range of veneers and luxury finishes which are suitable for both external and internal doors.

After discussion, the client chose our Milano Ebony veneer with its stunning deep matt black background and subtle golden streaks – it’s stunning.

Penthouse apartment doors upgraded by Secure House

As well as designing, manufacturing and installing the new front door, we also included a state-of-the-art fingerprint scanning system and fob reader with its own keypad for the ultimate level of security.

Penthouse doors upgrade

The door was further enhanced with beautiful bespoke ironmongery which we sourced from a luxury French brand. The bronze handles perfectly complement the opulence of the Milano Ebony veneer, bringing out the golden highlights.

If you’re interested in adding a little luxury into your apartment or home, please feel free to contact us and take a look at the other sample veneers we have in our exclusive range. These include Zebrano, Wenge, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Macassar and Cherry. We can also add imagery of your choice too such as exotic trees or even a whole forest!

Penthouse doors upgraded by Secure House

If you’d like to know more about our range of luxurious veneer security doors, please call us on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]


steel window and door portfolio by secure house

Super stylish new additions to steel portfolio

You know how much we love metal frames here at Secure House. That’s just one reason why we’re very pleased to add a range of Crittall-style steel doors, windows and room dividers to our ever-growing steel range.

Typified by a very slim profile frame that forms a grid-like finish for doors, windows and room dividers, our Crittall style products will not only open up a space but totally transform it into something completely contemporary with bundles of natural light. They’re ideal for use across a wide variety of buildings too, from refurbishments and new build homes to listed buildings and properties located in conservation areas.

IMG 3304 e1597062419686 225x300 - Super stylish new additions to steel portfolio PHOTO 2020 07 22 16 59 00 300x225 - Super stylish new additions to steel portfolio

Large, open plan rooms can be skilfully partitioned to delineate specific areas and highlight a room’s full potential. They also hint at an industrial, modern finish which will complement any home, old or new. Smaller rooms can be opened up if taking down a wall isn’t an option to create a new sense of space with more light and height.

Highly versatile and robust, yet delicate and minimalist, our Crittall-style doors and room dividers will allow you the flexibility to create your own indoor spaces for your bespoke requirements and create fluid links to other rooms too. Add in windows for an all-round lighter, brighter and more spacious home. For the final finishing touch to your new doors and windows, choose from a sumptuous range of stunning ironmongery handles and door furniture in a variety of finishes – bronze, aged or antique brass and black are some of the most popular at present.

PHOTO 2020 07 22 16 58 52 225x300 - Super stylish new additions to steel portfolio PHOTO 2020 07 22 16 58 39 225x300 - Super stylish new additions to steel portfolio

And, if you want the perfect frame for your garden or exterior courtyard, our new, Crittall-style doors will seamlessly and effortlessly link the outdoors to the indoors.

Finally, any of the doors and windows in this new range can be manufactured to meet certain fire regulations with the inclusion of fire rated components and fire rated glass to deliver products with a Fire Rating of up to 30 minutes (FD30).

To find out more about these super stylish additions to our metal portfolio, please give us a call don’t on 0207 859 4207 or drop us an email to [email protected].