Side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors have been utilised for decades and are one of the most simple, easy to operate types of garage door still in widespread use today.

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Side hinged garage doors feature solid doors that are connected to the door frame with hinges. They don’t have any tracks, roller, cables or other such fixing mechanisms and they offer a whole range of different benefits and a unique combination of tried and tested traditional performance and stylish, modern design options.

Our side hinged garage doors are all made-to-order and constructed using double skins steel sections that are filled with PU foam. This provides superb heat and noise insulation and a tubular rubber seal from the leaf to the steel frame delivers a draft-free, watertight perimeter to protect everything you store inside your garage from any outdoor elements.

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Every frame on our side hinged doors is manufactured using 2mm think steel for extra strength, safety and security as well as being both zinc- and powder coated to offer additional weather and operational protection. Using only the highest quality components, the door leaves are fitted to the frame with aluminium alloy hinges which feature a roller bearing to provide effortless opening and closing. Each hinge is also adjustable, a feature which ensures the door maintains its shape and form irrespective of how often it is used.

We are able to make bespoke side hinged doors to fit any garage door opening with a maximum size of 10 feet wide and 10 feet high, but we also have the ability to make much larger doors if required, just ask! Our standard doors have a 50/50 or custom split and can be made with a left- or right-hand leaf opening first to suit individual requirements. Bi-folding leaves are also available to accommodate garages located on a short or sloping driveway.

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When it comes to designs, finishes and colours, as with the majority of our product ranges, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We can also manufacture replica doors to replace any existing, traditional doors, a service that is imperative if you live in a conservation area and are required to maintain original design. With 14 different section designs that can be painted in any RAL or BS colour you select, you can create a side hinged garage door to suit your own style. Surfaces can also be painted to create a metallic or gloss finish and stainless steel windows added to one door to further enhance the exterior appearance of your garage.

Easy to maintain and available with a whole host of options and accessories, side hinged doors with glazed panels are perfect, not only for garages, but as opening solutions for workshops and offices too as they let daylight in and keep the weather out! Practical, stylish, aesthetically pleasing and proven, side hinged garage doors are here to stay.




Security sliding garage doors

Side sliding garage doors: practical and easy to operate

Side sliding garage doors are not only highly practical and simply to operate, they’re also quick and easy to install and they look fantastic added to any new or existing garage.

Side sliding garage doors are so practical and very easy to operate
Side sliding garage doors are so practical and very easy to operate

Featuring sectional, vertical panels that give a more traditional finish and appearance, our side sliding doors use the very latest technologies and materials to offer an ideal garage door solution and great design.

Our side sliding garage doors are manufactured to incorporate only the very highest quality components throughout. A combination of stainless steel and aluminium create a light, yet extremely secure and durable door and there is also the option of adding stainless steel windows to give a modern and contemporary overall finish.

Extremely easy to use, our range of side sliding garage doors can be opened and closed either manually or electrically to provide effective and safe operation. What’s more a low-profile threshold can be installed on the existing garage floor to provide a seamless finish.

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Available in standard and bespoke sizes to suit your individual property’s requirements, each of our side sliding garage doors can be adapted to suit a number of opening options and fully adjusted to complement current or special size garage and wall constructions.

If you’re looking to match your garage doors with your existing front door, we are able to create side sliding garage doors that will provide a perfect match and add extra kerb appeal to your home. And, when it comes to door panel design, surface texture and colours, with more than 100 different variations to choose from, you really can have the garage door you’ve always wanted.

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Side sliding garage doors are some of our most popular garage doors. With a traditional feel but wholly modern design, they will facilitate easy access to your garage whilst ensuring everything inside is safe and secure as soon as the doors are closed.