secure shop fronts 3D design service

Secure shop fronts: 3D design service

Over the last decade we have designed and installed a huge number of secure shop fronts in the UK and Europe, so we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new secure shop front 3D design service!

It’s a sad fact that high street retailers and their stores are vulnerable to attack by would-be thieves who will stop at nothing to gain entry, even in broad daylight. From using mopeds to ‘ram raid’ the premises or using heavy duty sledgehammers and other tools to smash their way in, the way to prevent such crime to always be one step ahead of the criminals. And one of the best ways to do this is by implementing a secure shop front scheme if your business is considered to be at high risk of theft, burglary, ram raids and criminal damage.

secure shop fronts 3D design service
Our 3D design service for secure shop fronts

Working with high-end retailers who sell jewellery & watches, clothes, shoes & accessories, antiques and other luxury items has given us a direct insight into exactly what’s required to stop thieves in their tracks without sacrificing on the overall design, brand and aesthetics of such lavish, upmarket stores. As such, our 3D design service enables us to include slim steel profile doors which provide the very highest anti-burglary protection in the shape of RC3 as per EN1627, and RC4 as per EN1627 standards.

Alongside this protection, we use top of the range motorised security locks Level 7 as per EN12209 standard. These locks feature no fewer than 11 pin security cylinders with armoured escutcheons to offer the very highest levels of protection for the store.

secure shop fronts 3D design service
See just what your store will look like with our secure shop fronts 3D design service

When it comes to glazing, there is zero compromise to facilitate the very finest and sleekest of window displays with the ultimate in anti-theft protection. We can offer and variety of options for security glazing which will deliver unrivalled security as per EN356 P6b, P7b and P8b levels. We also have both multi-laminate and polycarbonate glass options if required.

secure shop fronts 3D design service
It’s all in the 3D design! No compromise on design or style for your secure shop front

So, if you’re looking to protect your store from criminals, day and night, simply call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll put together a 3D design that will provide peace of mind and maximise your store’s shopping appeal.

To arrange your free, no obligation secure shop front project consultation and 3D design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]

An example of an airlock we installed for client as part of a secure shop project

Into the airlock

Many of the secure shop front projects we’ve worked on over the years have included the specification an airlock in the overall design. So, what are the benefits of having an airlock in your retail store?

The inclusion of an airlock to any high value retail store, such as a jewellers, provides a highly secure, and safe, entrance to the store for both staff and customers. This provides additional peace of mind all round and ensures the very highest levels of protection against professional burglars and opportunistic thieves.

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designer exchange security doors in london

Shop & store front security

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with a number of luxury and high street brands to create the very highest level of shop and store front security.

We understand all of the issues faced by high street retailers which is why our secure shop front solutions will ensure your store stands up to a violent, physical attack from would-be thieves as well as ‘ram raids’ by criminals on mopeds.

file 15 1024x768 - Shop & store front security

Our secure shop front service enables us to create a truly bespoke design, specification and installation service for your particular store using on the very strongest security and bulletproof doors, windows, airlocks and shutters on the market. We can also provide anti-reflective glazing to further enhance the external shopping experience for your customers.

Each one of our tailored secure shop front systems is specifically designed to thwart attempted burglaries or thefts with zero compromise on the look and feel of your store. Plus, we can offer a fast turnaround with our highly experienced installation teams to ensure you’re protected as soon as possible.

IMG 6625 e1606302239719 768x1024 - Shop & store front security

All of our shop front security doors meet the very highest security standards including RC4 EN1627, FB4 to EN1522 and FB6 to EN1522. Likewise, we only use P6b glass according to EN356 or P8b glass according to EN356 for glazing in our retail security projects.

IMG 8712 694x1024 - Shop & store front security

Want to make sure that your store stands up to anyone determined to break-in? Call us and we can arrange a safe, socially distanced site meeting to discuss your specific requirements. Irrespective of budget or location, the team here at Secure House is ready and waiting to provide the very highest levels of security for all kinds of different retail and commercial premises.

Beating the moped thieves

Last year on London’s streets, over 12,000 crimes were committed by so-called moped thieves stealing mobile phones and hand-bags from pedestrians going about their business in the capital.

The Met Police have come down hard these violent criminals and are often resorting to chasing and knocking the individuals off their bikes in a bid to reduce this type of crime.

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How to secure your bike shop from thieves

Last year saw a tangible increase in thieves targeting bike shops and cycling retailers with the aim of stealing high end bikes, including e-bikes. For example, Cycling Weekly reported a spate of robberies across the UK last summer with hundreds of bikes worth over £100,000 in total stolen. That’s why, here at Secure House, we’ve come up with a few ways in which you can secure your bike shop from thieves!

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Anti-reflective glass for secure shop fronts from Secure House

Anti-reflective, premium clarity glass for secure shop fronts

When you’re a retailer and you have a product to display, your shop window is one of the most important marketing elements for that product and your business. It’s imperative that your customers can see the product in its very best light but also that it’s protected from potential thieves or ram raiders using anti-reflective glass.

For both of those reasons, we’re delighted to announce that we are able to offer a variety of different laminated, anti-reflective glass ranges to deliver the very highest levels of clarity, transparency and security.

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