London apartment doors

The best London apartment doors!

There are literally thousands of apartments in London and across the UK and a variety of apartment doors in each one. Here at Secure House, we regularly design, manufacture and install both bespoke apartment doors and those within in our extensive range; just one of the reasons why we deliver hundreds of projects in Central London’s prime residential areas including Kensington, Chelsea, Islington, Mayfair, Westminster and Camden!

Safety of residents is paramount in both private and public apartments. By law, all apartment doors must be fire doors and, as such, all of our doors are either FD30 or FD60 fire doors. What does that mean? Well, an FD30 fire door will provide protection against fire for up to 30 minutes and an FD60 fire door up to 60 minutes of fire protection. These levels of protection are specifically designed to both prevent the spread of fire and allow inhabitants to escape safely.

Choose to mix and match or simply match external apartment door with the internal doors

You may think that apartment doors are plain and boring. Not the case here at Secure House! We are able to offer a selection of exclusive finishes such as Mahogany French Polished doors as well as a number of different opulent veneers including Walnut and Oak.

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As with our residential security doors, you can choose to mix and match or simply match your external apartment door with the internal doors. Internal and external finishes can be different, or the internal doors can be designed to perfectly complement your apartment’s interior with a bespoke luxury veneer. It’s your apartment so it’s totally up to you!

Locking systems, electric locks and concealed door closers

External doors can include multi-point locking systems, electric locks and concealed door closers. Again, it’s your choice. It’s about ensuring you feel as safe and secure as possible in your apartment whilst maintaining complete style.

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