Working in partnership with Skydas to offer the most burglar resistant security doors in the world

The sky is the limit

As part of our ongoing commitment to offer all of our customers the most extensive range of steel security doors, we are very happy to announce our partnership with Skydas.

With over 20 years experience as the industry leader in the manufacture and sale of armoured doors, Skydas offer some of the very highest quality security products to clients in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

As custom design security specialists, the Skydas ethos matches our own focus on delivering bespoke, made-to-measure products for both residential and commercial projects, irrespective of budget or location.

A rating of thermal transmittance of just 1W ((m2K) to effectively save heat

With a reputation for having the most burglar-resistant doors on the market, the partnership with Skydas enable us to present several new products that we are particularly excited about. These include the Skydas 2000, a steel security door that offers a rating of thermal transmittance of just 1W ((m2K) to effectively save heat in the home. Available in a variety of finishes and shades it offers unlimited design possibilities with single, double, side or upper panels and either an in- or outswing option.

We will also be offering the Skydas doors from the Diplomatic range

The Skydas Standard 3 offers a high level of security against intruders and has been subjected to a 15-minute attack by a team of two testers using heavy-duty burglary tools. The Skydas Standard 4 provides an extra level of security if there is a perceived high risk of burglary. During testing, a team of six testers attacked the Skydas Standard 4 with heavy-duty burglary tools for 45 minutes! Both doors withstood the attacks and therefore represent an excellent choice for any homeowner wanting the ultimate burglar resistant security door that not only performs, but looks amazing.