high security shutters

The ultimate in home security: high security shutters

You’ve built your dream home now that last thing you want is for an intruder to break in whilst you’re away so the best way to prevent that is with the installation of high security shutters. And here at Secure House, we’re experts in doing just that!

Our business is founded on ensuring our clients feel totally safe and secure whenever they’re at home AND when they’re away. As specialists in full house projects, the design and installation of security shutters is a key part of what we do, alongside security doors, windows, garage doors and gates.

Take a look at the new build home below. The final feature of the overall build was the addition of a set of bespoke, Class III burglar resistant, high security aluminium shutters that have given the homeowner unrivalled peace of mind.

Every set of security shutters we manufacture extremely durable and offer long-term security and protection. At the same time, they look incredible and they actually complement a property. When not in use, you can’t even see them. Watch them in operation here!

What’s more, our high security shutter systems are very easy to operate. You can choose from a variety of different operating options with most clients opting for a combination of two-way and key switches, timer switches and remote control. This means that the shutters can be closed at specific times of the day or night when you’re not even at home.

If you’d like any further advice or to arrange a free site visit from one of our aluminium high security shutter experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 8594207 or [email protected]