How do thieves gain entry?

How do thieves gain entry?
No matter how secure we assume that we are inside our own homes, there is there is usually a simple way for the opportunistic intruder to gain access, and a sophisticated variety of methods used by the determined burglar.
A relatively new way of gaining access to domestic housing is the Europrofile Locks Technique, where a pair of mole grips is placed around the lock barrel and turned, shattering the bolt in the door lock and gaining entry to a property in less than 30 seconds.
Another tool in the more sophisticated burglary kit is the Bump Key. This is a key that has been filed down to penetrate most of the pins inside any lock when whacked into place. The burglar then simply opens the door.
Many burglars still choose simply to use brute force to gain entry to your home – kicking or smashing the door down. Most modern UPVC doors are made with a steel core, but this offers little deterrent – the burglar simply breaks through the panel in the bottom of the door and then crawls through.
Happily, even the most basic of our specially developed security doors and windows are specifically designed to prevent such attacks. With steel frames bolted into the walls of your house, security locks, optional bulletproof glass, and galvanised steel construction, they offer the ultimate protection against even the most determined intruder, giving you total peace of mind, both at home and away.