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Top five tips to make wooden doors look expensive

For centuries wooden doors have been synonymous with strength, security and a degree of luxury. Hard wearing, heavy duty but also very beautiful, wooden doors are still extremely popular to this day. They continue to be the first choice for many people, both internally and externally in residential properties because of their versatility, appearance and opulence.

They needn’t be pricey though, and the good news is here at Secure House we have lots of insight and ideas on how to make wooden doors look expensive – visitors to your home won’t fail to be impressed!

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So, here are our top five tips on how to make wooden doors look expensive.

1. Consider an upgrade to the door’s ironmongery

This is a tried and tested method of adding a luxurious touch to an existing wooden door. And there are lots of different items in our specialist door furniture range that will truly transform. Why not replace the standard doorknobs or handles that were supplied with the original door with high-quality, stylish options.

Consider using metallic finishes like brass, bronze, or chrome for a more elegant style. You can also opt for ornate designs or unique shapes that will make a real statement with their eye-catching detail.

2. A new (glass) perspective

If the design of your door lends itself to this, you can install glass inserts. Doors that already have a panel-type design are ideal for this kind of change and it can completely change the look and will also add extra light into a room. Clear, frosted or stained glass can add an element of chic and sophistication to your wooden doors.

There are, of course, many designs to select. Just make sure you choose the design that best complements your interior décor and provides a touch of exclusivity.

3. Create a unique finish

How about adding a custom engraving or carving to create a totally unique and expensive look to either internal doors or a wooden front door that needs a luxury facelift. As with glazed panels, there are so many Intricate patterns, motifs, or personalised designs that can elevate the aesthetic appeal and create a focal point in your home.

4. Light me up

It’s amazing what a difference strategically placed lighting can make to your doors. Take a look at the existing lighting throughout your home and in specific rooms where you want a change. Is there an opportunity to use different lighting accents to draw attention to your doors and create a sense of drama? If so, think about installing accent lighting above or below the door to highlight its texture and grain, adding a touch of luxury and affluence.

5. Invest in a good polish

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure your doors retain their expensive look is to care for them with regular maintenance. Make sure all of your doors are well-maintained by regularly cleaning and polishing them. A top tip here is to invest in a good polish, one that that is specifically designed to be used on wood and/or wooden furniture. This is a great way of preserving the appearance of every door and preventing them from looking worn or aged over time.

Finally, always remember that the overall look and feel of your doors can also be influenced by the surrounding decor, lighting, and colour scheme. Contemplate these factors when designing and enhancing your internal wooden doors to achieve a truly luxurious and expensive appearance.

If you’d like to find out more about how to make your wooden doors look more expensive or to arrange a site consultation for your door project, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]