Secure House in new partnership with ISEO to offer high security motorised multipoint locks

Unlocking a new partnership

In our pursuit to work with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Italian security lock manufacturer, ISEO, to offer some of the world’s most high security motorised multipoint locks.

ISEO was founded in 1969 by entrepreneur Giuseppe Facchinetti and began manufacturing locks, cylinders and padlocks in Pisogne, a village on Lake Iseo in Northern Italy from which the company got its name.

Today, ISEO is a global business offering an extensive product range and is highly regarded for its electronic solutions that have totally changed the way we are able to manage to security and access control systems.

The Multiblindo E-Motion and Multiblindo Easy

Some of the products that we are now able to offer our customers include the Multiblindo E-Motion and Multiblindo Easy, two high security motorised multipoint locks that deliver instant locking as soon as the door is closed using three 27mm security bolts. The Multiblindo Motion is also compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones too with a convenient and easy to use app.

Emotion Ad SecHs 1 724x1024 - Unlocking a new partnershipThe Multiblindo Motion EXIT

Then there is the Multiblindo Motion EXIT that can be used with PROEXIT panic bars in conjunction with anti-panic doors (EN1125), a Stylos wall reader and premium handles for use on emergency doors (EN179).

x1R Ad SecHs 1 724x1024 - Unlocking a new partnership

Finally, the ISEO X1R and ISEO X1R Smart, a fully motorised, multipoint locking system, is the most advanced and most reliable multipoint locking system on the market. We are so confident of the lock’s durability that we even offer extended warranties on all ISEO electronic locks. Please contact us direct on 0207 859 4207 for more information.