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Victorian doors by Secure House are the most advanced front door solution on the market today. Victorian doors feature all the design benefits of a timber door plus they have all the benefits of a steel door. All the materials that go into our products are the very best available. Our doors are the marriage of artistic design with technical know-how.


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  1. Door frame – bent L-shaped profile of 100mm, fixed in the door aperture by 16 pins, protected from cutting by steel sleeves of 24mm.
    Complete thermal insulation by rock wool or foam.
  2. Door leaf – special bent metal construction with 100% thermal insulation by 50 mm rock wool. Total width of the leaf is 75mm. Locks are protected with the steel boxes.
  3. Reinforced, adjustable hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps – 3units.
  4. Protective pins for door hinges (16 mm Ø) – 4 pieces.
  5. Insulation seals – 2 units
  6. Spy-hole 22mm
  7. External door leaf finish is painted Medite Tricoya EDM board.
  8. Internal door leaf finish is painted Humidax – humidity resistant board
  9. Internal and external architraves are included
  10. Main lock should be no lower than 5th security class
  11. Main lock is protected by drill resistant plate
  12. Steel tubes protecting the main lock three directional rods

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  1. Door frame – bent L-shaped profile of 115 mm, fixed in the door aperture by 17 plugs, protected from cutting by steel liners of 24 mm.
    Complete thermal insulation by rock wool or foam.
  2. Door leaf with 100% thermal insulation by two 30 mm rock wool sheets. Total width of the leaf is 91 mm.
  3. Reinforced, adjustable hinges with supporting bearings covered with chrome-plated finishing caps – 3units
  4. Protective pins for door hinges (16 mm Ø) – 8 units
  5. Insulation seals – 2 units
  6. External door leaf finish is painted MediteTricoya EDM board
  7. Internal door leaf finish is painted Humidax – humidity resistant board
  8. Internal and external architraves are included
  9. Main lock must be no lower than 7th security class
  10. Main lock is protected by two drill resistant Manganese plates
  11. Steel tubes protecting the main lock three directional rods


Choose from nearly 200 standard designs, or supply your own design.

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Steel security door is the most advanced front door solution on the market today.


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  • Fiam 678 Lock
  • Mottura 85771 Lock
  • Assa 565 Lock
  • Assa 565 and Fiam 672 Lock Combination
  • Fiam X1r Electronic Locks

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Choose a design from nearly 200 standard designs. Or alternatively, supply your own design prepared by an architect or yourselves.

Secure Interior and Exterior Victorian doors

Victorian doors are special in the way that they combine timeless styling along with sturdiness and functionality. Despite their old origins, it’s unlikely that they will go out of fashion any time soon and will continue to act as important parts of your home design as well as security setup.

Here at, our range of Victorian doors allows you to choose from the finest of finishes, colour schemes as well as a wide selection of wooden materials.

Whether it’s oak, pine or any other type of wood that’s more to your liking, we guarantee that you’ll find the best set of Victorian doors that perfectly fits your home according to your preferences.

Carefully look through our catalogue to see the latest offers regarding Victorian doors suite for any household!

Main features of Victorian doors

Just like any other types of doors, Victorian variants can come in various styling options, sizes and shapes, however, there are some key features that make them a distinctive option from other styles of doors.

We talk about them further below.

Glazed glass

One of the most distinct features found on exterior Victorian doors is glassware which is not only important in the manufacturing process itself for the sake of sturdiness, it can also help as an additional means to create unique ornamentation and give more natural light to the home.

The most common form of glass used is stained glass, which is often incorporated into the door panel. Quite often, to add that Victorian feel, the glass structure will also feature a distinct colour scheme and other ornamental drawings.

Sometimes, the glass panels are placed at the top of the door structure. This allows sunlight to come in from the outside and illuminate the interior of a home in a unique way.

Panel design

Another distinct feature of external Victorian doors are the door panels themselves, which help invoke a sense of presence and luxury to one’s home.

Combine that with a matching color to your interior and a unique panel decoration and you have yourself a set of secure and distinct looking doors.

Most commonly, you’ll have a four-panel design being used, with glass extras as mentioned earlier.

Interior door elements

In terms of its interior design, Victorian glazed doors are all about security and sturdiness while maintaining a unique look that’s common for the style.

Apart from the wood itself, which is a key door component, we usually see brass being used for locks, finger plates as handles. It allows not only to maintain the level of durability of the frame but allows for a unique design.

Finally, there’s glazing to talk about. This is essential for any Victorian internal doors, since it helps reinforce the frame and make sure that the glass decorations fit perfectly.

How can I create a distinct look for my home with Victorian doors?

At, we offer a wide selection of Victorian front doors coming in a variety of different colour schemes, designs and stained glass decorations, perfectly fitting the different tastes of our clients.

When looking for an option that best fits the home of your interior, you should look for an option that not only continues the theme of your interior, but enhances it in a certain way as well.

Some door variants invoke a sense of luxury as magnificence, meanwhile other variants are designed to make a house look as an absolute stronghold of security.

Victorian door materials

Our offered selection of Victorian doors come from two distinct material types.

Victorian pine doors

One of the most popular selections for materials for a Victorian house front doors is pine. It’s main advantages offered are of course it’s fairly lighter weight when compared to hardwood alternatives, making for easier daily operation.

Another advantage for customers is the fact that pine is much easier to manufacture, often resulting in a significantly lower price when compared to oak doors.

This is essential, since pine is by no means a bad alternative in terms of structural strength.

Finally, pine doors maintain a unique aesthetic both when buying already pre-made door sets or customizing a set to your liking.

Victorian oak doors

Oak is, of course, the most common material when it comes to a Victorian wooden front door that has its own set of unique benefits.

First of all there is the unmatched sturdiness and protection for your home that such wooden Victorian period front doors can offer.

Just like with pine doors, oak variants offer their own unique luxurious and cozy look, however, one could argue that oak doors offer a higher sense of security and nods back towards more of a traditional look.

While a bit more expensive, they still remain a popular and desired option for both customizable and pre-made Victorian internal doors. – your choice for quality Victorian entrance doors

At our shop, you’ll find a wide selection of interior security doors, offering a unique aesthetic, while at the same time maintaining that sturdiness and security capabilities as mentioned earlier.

We pay special attention towards ensuring that every purchased Victorian house door is just as envisioned, both in terms of functionality and visual looks.

We believe that any Victorian door solution should be affordable to anyone which is exactly why we offer a wide selection of products aimed to satisfy every front door security need of our customers.

If you have any questions concerning our products, feel free to contact our team and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Historical significance of Victorian interior doors

You may be wondering, what’s all the fuss about Victorian style security doors and why are they such a popular choice for a secure and stylish solution for any house? Well, it all has to with the rich history from which these door solutions come from.

As you might already know, the Victorian style has graced households for over a hundred years now, which further proves it standing the test of time and still being loved by people all around the country.

The Victorian era, which is said to last from 1837 to 1901, was all about grandeur, luxury and magnificence. It’s no surprise that the same feeling moved on towards the doors found in British households.

In a way it was a means to make a bold statement about your home and to showcase to anyone looking at your victorian style front door the immense and strong presence of your home.

During this era, there was an increase in social mobility as well, meaning people paid more attention to first impressions made on others. This influenced the way they dressed, acted, and of course, the way they presented their homes to others.

A Victorian style door followed suit with the mentioned elements of prestige and setting the tone for others.

The most common features back then were brass elements and door furniture as a means to enhance the door frame panelling, while glazed doors which featured intricate glasswork, contributed not only visually, but also by adding lighting through the front door. This was a very common sight for Victorian period entrance doors.

The style itself changed other areas such as general architecture, new inventions and so on, all following the same formula of extravagance, but at the same time, not letting the importance of functionality slip through.

Other commonly asked questions regarding Victorian style internal doors

What is considered a Victorian door set?

A Victorian door set is considered to be a distinct style of door that originated during the period from 1837 to 1901. Most common features of such a door set worked towards creating an eye-catching, extravagant look which was often achieved with the help of stained glass, glazing elements and clear-cut wooden door panels.

Does a Victorian door feature a paint scheme in a traditional look?

Yes they do. Selecting an appropriate colour which enhances the look of one’s front door and helps to continue the theme of the interior was a common site back then and remains to this day.

It’s fair to say however, that the colour options for a paint scheme have increased massively these days, which adds to the personalization of your new front door.

Can a Victorian door really offer the right amount of security for your front or internal doors?

They do. Arguably the main reason for this is the fact that all Victorian external doors are manufactured from very strong wooden materials which are further enhanced during the manufacturing process with additional elements for panels amongst other parts.

What elements are key in the door manufacturing process?

Most strong internal doors are made from a wooden base from either pine or oak, with furniture elements made from brass or other metal. In terms of additional enhancements, stained glass may be used to create a set of glazed doors which allows additional natural light to come in from outside.



We use the highes quality engineered wood in the market.

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Longer lasting, perfect for outdoor use or wet (interior) environments

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50 Year Guarantee

Peace of mind with with a 50 year Medite Tricoya guarantee

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Swelling and Shrinking dramatically reduced

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All the design, fixing and machining flexibility of medium desnsity fibreboards

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Extended periods between exterior coatings maintenance

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Improved stability and durability enhances service life of the coating, Damaged coating or core will not affect durability

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Effective barrier to fungal decay

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Sustainably sourced FSC certified

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Independent testing by BRE shows an expected service life of 60 years for exterior use


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