We’ve got your back, front and side security gates!

At Secure House we’re committed to offering a wide variety of products each of which is specifically designed and manufactured to deliver the very highest levels of security and protection for your home as well as your garden or grounds.

Steel security doors and windows are obviously where most people start but there are lots of additional ways in which you can protect your property and ensure it is as safe and secure as possible. One of those options is the inclusion of bespoke front and side gates including high security side gates, pedestrian gates and automated gates that are ideal for securing a driveway.

side gate - We’ve got your back, front and side security gates!

Security assessment

When it comes to creating the very best security solution for your home, it is well worth carrying out a security assessment that will take into account potential access points and highlight any areas that would benefit from the installation of front and side gates, for example.

When we complete a security assessment, we’re look at the area from the mindset of a would-be thief. Burglars will, more often than not, try to access the rear of your home in an attempt to break in simply because they have less chance of being spotted by a neighbour or passer-by.

As such, the addition of a security side gate or pedestrian gate will hinder or prevent this type of home invasion and will actually work to deter thieves in the long term as they will view the gate as one obstacle too many.

Timber-effect side security gate with multi-point locking system
Timber-effect security side gate with multi-point locking system

Prevent intruders with a side gate

As well as protecting the rear of your property, the side of a house can often be easily accessed by thieves as there is also less chance of them being noticed in this part of the property. The addition of a side gate or side gates either side of the house are an ideal way of preventing intruders.

Since they can be seen from the front and rear of the house, a popular option is for them to match the front door on the property. We have a wide range of side gates that can be matched to our security front and back doors; we are also able to design and build bespoke side gates to any specification, colour or finish.

Protecting your home using a front gate

Installing a front gate that can be closed at night or whenever you’re not at home is another tried and tested means of deterring potential burglars. There are various types of front gates to consider from a basic wooden or steel gate that is opened or closed and locked manually to automated gates that can be opened and closed using a device or intercom inside the property. Both of these types of gates will have thieves thinking twice about trying to enter.

With automated gates it is you, the homeowner, who decides who to let in. It goes without saying, the harder you make it for someone to access your home, the more obstacles, such as front gates and side gates that you put in the way the better!

Adding an obstacle - a side security gate - to deter burglars
Adding an obstacle – a security side gate – to deter burglars

Out the back

Finally, we regularly specify back gates to properties that have a rear entrance as well as a front entrance. Exactly as with front gates and side gates, a back gate can be designed to create a highly secure rear entrance that can be controlled manually or automatically.

Back gates, like side gates, are often much taller than a standard gate. Adding height ensure that an intruder cannot easily scale the scale to climb over the top. Again, it’s all about making it as difficult as possible for the thieves!

Smart and secure

Take another look at the examples of side gates, front gates and back gates that are included in this blog post that we have specified and installed for clients over the last few years. Not only do they look very smart, they also serve a very specific purpose and are one of the best deterrents you can add to your home.

If you’d like to find out more information about our back, front and side gates as well as the options available to match gates with front and/or back doors or to arrange your free site visit to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to call us on 0207 859 4207 or email us at [email protected]