What is the best security door?

Did you know that around 70% of burglars gain entry to a property through the front door? And, once inside, all it takes is a matter of minutes to turn your home upside down and create chaos and misery. The best way to beat them? By installing the best security door!

Security doors are so much more than just an accessory. The best security door is a steel security door which is timber clad and doesn’t stand out, rather it blends in with the area and is heritage friendly. The best ones will protect your home from intruders and they’ll be insulated, weather-tight, air-tight and soundproof to keep you and your loved ones safe and cosy inside. Plus, they’ll also look fantastic and offer real kerb-appeal to complement and add value to your house.

The best security door, and indeed the most popular security door in the UK, we have here at Secure House is the SKYDAS Standart. If you’re looking for a the most advanced, market-leading, high-quality security door that will offer safety, peace of mind and keep you warm during the colder months, the SKYDAS Standart is the perfect choice.

Offering excellent value for money, a good security level, soundproofing and thermal transmittance, there is also a fire resistant and smoke resistant option. Made to measure, the SKYDAS Standart is a truly bespoke security door with unlimited design, colour and finish possibilities. Choose from single, double, side and/or upper panels, inswing or outswing, you can create a security door that is unique to your home.

To find out more, simply call us to arrange a site visit and no obligation quote. The best security door is ready and waiting for you!