Front door installation – 5 top tips

When it comes to front door installation, here at Secure House there’s nothing we don’t know about! We’ve lost count exactly how many front doors we’ve installed over the years. From different sizes and shapes to front doors with glazed side panels or top lights, we’ve installed them all.

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Our knowledge and experience of front door installation is second to none which is why we’ve decided to put together a blog post to outline and share our 5 top tips for front door installation. So, if you’re considering installing your next front door yourself, you’re in the right place!

Here are the Secure House top 5 tips and things you should consider if you want to ensure a successful and secure installation:

1) Choose your material and style carefully

There are literally thousands of door styles to choose from and a wide variety of materials that your front door can be made off including steel, timber, plastic, aluminium and more. Choosing both the right material and style combination are crucial and here’s why. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. Steel, for example, can provide a higher level of security whereas a timber door might be more in keeping with the conservation area you live in. The style of the front door should, of course, complement the overall architecture of your home and be in keeping with the feel of the property.

2) Get your measurements and sizing spot on

Ensuring you gather highly accurate measurements for your front door is crucial to achieving the correct fit. First off, measure the door frame opening and take measurements for both height and width. Then measure again and check they’re right. Your finished front door should fit snugly within the frame. There shouldn’t be any gaps anywhere since this would comprise insulation and security within your home.

3) Focus on quality and security

Quality and security really are two of the main features that you must get right when choosing and installing a new front door. It’s wise to invest in a high quality door that will afford adequate security features for your home and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to home protection. Look for doors that include multi-point locks, strong hinges and reinforced frames. You may also wish to look at extra security features such as keyless or fingerprint entry systems or security cameras depending on your location and specific security concerns.

4) Don’t skimp on energy efficiency or weather resistance

With energy costs showing no signs of decreasing, obtaining maximum energy efficiency from your front door is vital if you’d like to keep your energy bills as low as they can be. Do your research and look for doors that have proper insulation to prevent drafts and minimize energy loss. Here at Secure House, many of our doors offer xxxuvalue. Energy efficient doors can certainly help you save on heating and cooling costs. At the same time, always take into account the general weather conditions in the area in which you live and choose the appropriate weather-resistance to suit.

5) Ask the professionals

It’s fair to say that front door installation isn’t a DIY project for the majority of homeowners. That’s why we’d always recommend employing a professional door contractor or installer with relevant experience to do the job for you. A skilled installer will not only ensure that the door is properly aligned and sealed but also that it is fit for purpose and will function as you require it to. If a front door is installed improperly it can lead to a variety of issues such as air leaks, water infiltration and security vulnerabilities.

Finally, remember to do thorough research on the various door options available and talk to experts door and windows companies if you need to. By selecting the right front door AND having it installed correctly will enhance your home’s curb appeal, security and energy efficient so it pays to do it right in the first place!

If you’d like any information or advice on front doors and front door installation, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 or email [email protected] – they’ll be only too happy to help you.