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What height do you install the door viewer?

What height do you install the door viewer on a security door? It’s a very good question and there are specific tips and guidelines that we use here at Secure House that we’re happy to share to provide a professional and comprehensive answer!

What exactly is a door viewer?

A door viewer, sometimes also referred to as a spyhole, doorhole, magic eye or peephole, is a small, usually round, opening in a door that allows the person inside the property to look through and see outside the door. The lenses of the door viewer are structured in such a way that viewing is only possible in one direction i.e. you can only see out, you can’t see in.

As a security feature, door viewers are very common and affordable and can often be found in apartments or flats where there are perhaps multiple dwellings on each floor. If there is a knock or the doorbell rings, the occupant can use the door viewer to discreetly see who is outside before affording that person entry.

The average adult height

Since a door viewer is most commonly used to identify who is standing outside the door, it makes sense to install the door viewer at a height that allows the average adult to comfortably look through without having to either crouch down or stretch up on their toes.

As such, the typical height that we would recommend the installation of a door viewer is between 147cm to 168cm (58 to 66 inches) measure from the floor level. This specific height range accommodates the majority of adults’ eye levels and provides a good viewing angle from which to see the person standing outside the door.

A few guidelines for installing a door viewer

Having ascertained that the best height for a door viewer is between 147cm to 168cm, the first step in installing one is to measure the height (from the floor) to establish the appropriate height. A top tip is to stand next to the door and have someone measure your height and place the door viewer according so you can easily see through it.

Once you’ve done this, mark the spot with a pencil and use a tape measure or long ruler to see where the exact centre of the door is and mark the exact spot on the height line you’ve just measured.

If you’re installing the door viewer yourself, you will need the appropriate tools to fit it correctly including a drill and hole saw bit to create the opening in which to place the door viewer. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany the door viewer and take your time, don’t rush.

Finally, make sure that the door viewer is installed securely so that no-one can tamper with it and to prevent accidental removal.

Consider specific needs

If you’re installing the door viewer for someone else, you must consider the primary user’s specific needs. For example, if the door viewer will predominantly be used by someone with mobility issues or a wheelchair user, a lower height will be required to allow easy viewing.

Also, be aware that installation guidelines will vary based on different models and brands, so always follow the specific instructions for the product you select.

Here at Secure House we have vast experience of installing a variety of door viewers for a range of different people and their own requirements. So, if you’d like some professional guidance or advice, please feel free to contact any member of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 or email [email protected] – we’ll be only too happy to help!