totally secure, inside and out

Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out!

We’ve recently completed a simply stunning full house project that saw the Secure House team work alongside a client to help them create their dream home with a variety of exterior and interior doors.


Located in the south of England, this luxurious new build property is a real stunner. The owner contacted us after being inspired by our Pinterest and Instagram feed. She wanted to create a real bespoke feel for the property but ensure complete security at the same time. Not a problem.

Liaising with the client, architect and developer, we created several designs for security doors for the front and back door, both featuring hand-made ironmongery to add that extra special touch.

We then discussed the client’s requirements for the internal doors. A bespoke walnut veneer was a firm favourite, so we set to work designing and manufacturing multiple sets of doors, including several doubles.


The front door features a horizontal, wood-effect finish with an oversize aluminium handle and side-glazed panel including security glass. Only the very highest quality materials were used to provide all of the protection associated with a high security door from Secure House.

The front door
The front door

The back door is exactly the same design but the client chose the colour artic white to further enhance the bright, clean white render used to cover the property.

The back door
The back door

The property also features several sets of sliding doors to open up the home to the fabulous, landscaped gardens that surround it. Each set of doors offers unrivalled security with burglar resistant glazing and multipoint locking systems. The super slimline frames allow the maximum amount of light into the property when closed and perfectly match the security windows installed throughout.

DSC 0601 683x1024 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out! DSC 0597 683x1024 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out! DSC 0602 1024x683 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out! DSC 0591 683x1024 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out!

Heading inside, the bespoke walnut veneer internal doors are a striking addition to each of the rooms in the house. A mix of panel and glazed doors each with the same opulent black and silver inset veneers are a key design element as well and being highly functional to create the very best living space for the family.

Heading inside: bespoke walnut veneer internal doors throughout, including several glazed versions
Heading inside: bespoke walnut veneer internal doors throughout, including several glazed versions

DSC 0546 1024x683 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out! DSC 0564 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out! DSC 0561 683x1024 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out! DSC 0574 683x1024 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out!

Finally, the client had originally wanted to include a panic room within the property in order to create a safe and secure space to seek refuge in the event of home invasion, but also to store valuables when they weren’t in the property.

Having created many panic rooms over the years, this wasn’t a problem for us and we were able to manufacture a high security vault door which exactly matched all the other interior doors. This door was fitted to the area and now provides a safe haven for the client and their family.

DSC 0584 683x1024 - Simply stunning and totally secure, inside and out!

Creating a panic room
Creating a panic room


Not only did we exceed the client’s expectations on this project, but the client has also told us that she has received multiple complements on the doors we designed and installed from anyone visiting the property. That makes us very proud!

So, if you’re in the process of planning your dream home or you simply want to change the exterior and interior doors in your current home and you’d like something truly unique yet totally secure and fit for purpose for years to come, please contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected] and we’ll arrange a free site visit and consultation.

Secure House International

Secure House International

Did you know that we supply and install security doors, windows, shutters, garage doors, gates, sliding doors, folding doors (everything we do here in the UK in fact!) all over the world? We call it Secure House International!

Yes, that’s right Secure House is truly an international business and, over the last few years we have worked with clients in Africa, including Nigeria and Kenya, the Middle East, including Qatar and Dubai, and all across Europe, including the South of France, with a real focus on both luxury residential and commercial properties.

With our ever-growing team of installation professionals, we are able to reach every corner of the globe to help each and every one of our clients to feel safe, secure and comfortable in the their own home thanks to our unrivalled range of off-the-shelf and bespoke security door and window solutions.

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Several projects on the African continent

We’ve recently completed several projects on the African continent that include high security shutters and high security doors. These installations were of a totally bespoke design, bulletproof doors for a luxury apartment complex and also private, ultra-high net worth residences.

Secure House International
Working to install high security doors and shutters in this luxury apartment complex

Working alongside the Nigerian-based developers, we created a 360-degree solution from bespoke design to implementation and aftersales.

State-of-the-art multi-point locking systems

The multiple single doorsets for each apartment are totally bulletproof and feature state-of-the-art multi-point locking systems. Finished in a striking, powder coated matt black, each door delivers truly imposing and highly secure entrance for these stunning apartments

We also created a matching double door set which we installed to create the main entrance to the apartment building. Complete with oversize handles to match their single door counterparts, this double set of bespoke, bulletproof doors will provide the ultimate level of security and peace of mind for every owner who has purchased a luxury apartment.

Secure House International

To find out more about how we can work with you on your international project, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207



bullet proof doors

Time to get bullet proof with Secure House

Bullet proof doors and bullet proof windows have been part of our product range for over a decade. So, when it comes to incorporating the best ballistic protection for a residential or commercial property, we have the expertise and world-class solutions to match.

Working with some of the world’s leading security glazing companies, we are able to offer an unrivalled range of tried & tested products that meet the very latest international security standards. We have completed numerous high security projects in embassies and VIP residences, for example, where the ultimate level of protection is required.

Bullet proof options

Offering the very highest levels of protection and remarkable optics, bullet proof options also include anti-reflection, self-cleaning and low UV transmittance to protect people and furnishings from sunlight. Specifically engineered to resist a ballistic attack accordance with BS EN 1063, this bullet resistant glass is made using several layers of glass each of which is bonded together for incredible strength.

We have a bullet proof glass door in our showroom that has been shot with an AK47 and a magnum pistol. Neither weapon penetrated the glass. We also have samples available that we can bring along to consultations and advise on the different types of bullet resistance and glass available.

Bullet proof glazing

Suitable for any architectural project, be it residential or commercial, bullet proof glazing is available in a wide range of different sizes to suit the aperture. We are also able to offer printing and tinted glazing for further bespoke finish.

When it comes to doors, we have several bullet proof models that are either FB4 or FB6 rated and achieve EN1522/1523 standard. And there is absolutely no compromise on design with any of our bullet proof doors. Not only do they look great, they will provide the protection you need.

We will create exactly what you need

Just like our steel security doors, our bullet proof doors are available as a single or double set and can, of course, incorporate bullet proof glass too. Choose inward or outward opening too, add bespoke ironmongery and fingerprint or facial recognition opening – it’s your door, your choice, we’ll create exactly what you need to keep your property safe and secure.

With a quick turnaround and the chance to include additional features such as fire resistance and burglary resistance, bullet proof doors from Secure House are already in use providing unrivalled levels of security and protection in homes and offices around the world.

To arrange a free, project consultation for bullet proof doors and windows, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]


chrome plated oversize door knob

Luxury door furniture to complete the look

Alongside doors and windows (of course!), sourcing the most luxurious door furniture available is one of our favourite parts of the job here at Secure House. Door furniture, or ironmongery as it is commonly referred to, is the finishing touch for any project. And, whether you’re either choosing doors or replacing new ones, it’s worth taking time to consider this key feature that will truly complete the look of any internal or external door.

Over the years, door furniture has seen many different styles and designs associated with the particular era. One of the current trends of today when it comes to door furniture is matt brass with a variety of variations including antique brass, smoked or brushed bronze.

Check Victorian front doors catalogue →

Some door handles are pre-lacquered to achieve the finish, but others are so-called ‘living finishes’ that will age and alter over time as they are used. Both types are proving very popular but our ‘living finish’ handles are an excellent choice if you want luxurious door furniture that will deliver subtle style changes over the years.

For a prime example, take this stunning lineal design solid bronze door handle that a client chose for the internal door pull on the bespoke Art Deco door we designed, created and installed for them. It is an oversize handle that perfectly complements this particular door design and facilitates a truly ergonomic opening since it affords the door to be opened from various heights.

luxury door furniture
PHOTO 2021 07 08 19 36 47 4 225x300 - Luxury door furniture to complete the look

Traditional and luxurious ironmongery

For those clients who prefer more traditional style of ironmongery, we are able to offer an opulent gold plating or power coating finish to match a door colour so the handle blends in for a seamless finish. Both options are very popular right now are being selected for both external as well as internal doors.

When we talk about luxurious door furniture, we also talk about door jewellery, quite literally! And when it comes to door jewellery, how about this curved glass handle which features solid 24k gold ends? We installed no fewer than four of these beautiful handles for a client’s high-end jewellery store located in an exclusive London borough.


luxury furniture for doorView recent photos - Luxury door furniture to complete the look
What’s more, this particular handle is available in a number of other finishes and comes with a matching lever handle which is perfect for adding to internal doors. So, you can add a truly indulgent and decadent to your front door and internal doors in your house – what’s not to love?!

luxury internal door handle

Oversize doorknobs

Finally, oversize doorknobs continue to be in very high demand across a wide variety of our residential projects – we’ve installed thousand over the years and they always look incredible on every door.

We have just sourced these two samples for a client’s new build project and they’re now deciding which to choose – silver or gold!

These knobs are handmade by door furniture experts and feature some of the most intricate detail we’ve ever seen on a doorknob.

They are mini works of art in their own right and they will complement almost any type of door although we’d be hard pressed to choose a favourite too!

chrome plated oversize door knobC29900 scaled - Luxury door furniture to complete the look
To discuss or view our wide range of luxury door furniture, please feel free to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 8594207 or by emailing [email protected]
Banham locks

Focus on Banham locks

It goes without saying that a lock is one of the most important elements of any door and Banham locks have to be one of the most famous and prestigious brands on the market.

Iconic triangular lock

We are frequently asked by clients if we can include a Banham lock on their door, particularly a front door. Instantly recognisable by its inverted triangle lock and the Banham stamped logo in the metal above the key insert, these specific locks are synonymous with precision engineering and a long and proud history when it comes to home security.

Every Banham lock is made by to precise and exacting standards by highly skilled engineers with each being expertly handcrafted to create a reliable, solid and strong lock that people trust.

Made in Britain

bahnam lockThese British-made door locks are protected by a patent and Banham’s Key Registration System. This system is specifically designed to provide fully audited and controlled security and give homeowners the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to keeping their property secure from intruders.

Multiple locks, just one key

Bespoke locks are also a key part of Banham’s portfolio. If required, each door lock can be made to match unique requirements with the ability to have locks working with just one single Banham key.

So-called ‘lock kits’ can be custom made according to specific needs and are presented as ‘keyed alike’. This means that each key will work in every lock supplied with the lock kit.

This is a very popular choice with many of our clients because it eliminates the use of multiple keys – no bunch of keys to lose or weigh you down!

Complete peace of mind when it comes to home security

And, if you do happen to lose they key you can be reassured by the fact that every Banham lock is protected by the company’s totally unique Key Registration System so copies can never, ever be made without your knowledge or consent.

What’s more almost every Banham lock is insurance approved to British Standard and meets Police Preferred Specification. Now that’s what we call assurance.

If you’d like to include a Banham lock or locks with your security doors, please get in touch and we can discuss option. Contact the Secure House team on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]

Security Door

Wrap up your home security this Christmas

Christmas is a time when many of us make valuable gift purchases for loved ones (and ourselves). Sadly it’s also a time when opportunistic burglaries take place, and our research shows that electronics, cash and jewellery are the most attractive swag for thieves. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your property safe over the festive season.

According to our research, three quarters of homes don’t have a burglar alarm fitted. Even if you live in a built-up area (semi-detached houses are the most at risk from thieves) it’s worth investing in an alarm for your home.

Hide your presents

Keep valuables in a safe place, and out of sight from the windows/doors. Even discarded boxes outside your home can act as an incentive to would-be burglars. Recycle your packaging as soon as possible or breakdown the boxes into small pieces and hide in bin-liners, especially when recycling collections over the festive period can be few and far between.

No room at the inn

Don’t invite in unwanted guests by keeping keys in windows and doors. Even hiding a spare key near the front door can be an invitation….professional burglars know where to look.

Shine a light

If you’re planning on being out for a few hours or overnight, leaving a small lamp on so it looks like someone’s home can act as a deterrent for would-be thieves. Timer switches are a great way to ensure the light’s only on for the minimum amount of time required. It’s also worth considering an outdoor security light, our research found only a quarter of you have them fitted.

Learn what is the best material for security doors →

Take photos of valuable items you have so you have a record of them, and security mark them if you can, with your postcode and house number. Security markers (that show up under UV light) are great for this.

(Research conducted by OnePoll who surveyed 3000 British homeowners and 32 police forces in Great Britain.)

fuego fire

Smart Glass Solution: an extra level of security

It’s all about the glass with this particular residential project. If you love bevelled glass (and archways!) then these double security doors are for you! We installed this set for a client in London and they really transformed the property to add in lots of extra light and offer exceptional security at the same time.

How clever is our new Smart Glass Solution? A smart, switchable film that can be applied to glass and will turn opaque instantly at the touch of a button. Perfect for adding an extra level of security in commercial premises, offices and even private residences. Click the link below and watch the video to see Smart Glass in action!

When it comes to selecting glazing for either the exterior or interior of a property, there are so many different options available. Double glazing isn’t the only product you can use for windows or doors for that matter! As seen on house programmes such as Grand Designs, Smart Glass (also referred to as ‘privacy glass’) is a product that we install on a regular basis for clients in both commercial and residential environments. It has a broad range of applications and uses so we’ve put together this blog post to give you a bit more information on this highly innovative form of glazing.

What is Smart Glass?

Chances are you’ve not actually even heard of Smart Glass, let alone considered using it in your home or office. That’s probably because, up until a few years ago, it was really only architects and interior designers that would specify such glazing. But, thanks to the aforementioned TV show, it’s a product that has become much more well-known and is now demanded by lots of our clients.

Smart glass uses a technology that facilitates the operator to physically control the form of light in a room or area – including UV, IR and visible light – and to switch the glazing from either opaque or transparent depending on individual requirements. We are able to implement this highly innovative technology into a number of different home and office security products such as doors, windows and partitions.

Privacy or transparency, you choose

Smart Glass allows you to totally transform a room or office space at the touch of a button. For example, if you have a bank of bi-fold doors or windows in your bedroom and you don’t want to clutter the aperture with curtains or blinds, Smart Glass in the ideal solution because the glass can be turned from transparent to opaque in a matter of seconds.

This affords an unrivalled level of privacy, security and comfort. Equally, when you want to look out of the bi-fold doors again in the morning when you wake up, simply press the button and the glass will become transparent once more.

The same applies in an office setting where you may wish to have privacy in a meeting room or certain office as well as the potential to apply our Smart Glass solution to all of the existing external windows and switch to opaque every evening to deter intruders. A great addition to any commercial premises when it comes to improving security. Smart switchable glass is definitely here to stay!

How clever!

Take a look at how clever our Smart Glass solution is. This smart, switchable film that can be retrofitted to glass and will turn opaque instantly at the touch of a button is a real game changer. Perfect for adding an extra level of security in commercial premises, offices and private residences alike. Click the link below and watch the video to see Smart Glass in action!

If you’d like to know more about how our Smart Glass Solution might work in your home or office enviroment, please feel free to give us a call on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]


Time to train

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Secure House is our excellent customer feedback and customer service.

From day one it has been our focus to deliver the very highest levels of customer service and, if something does go wrong, we will do our utmost to rectify it immediately.

Development programme for our team

We can’t do all that without having the very latest skills and knowledge at our fingertips so one of the ways in which we remain at the forefront of our industry is through the implementation of our ongoing training programme.

Every member of our team has their own continuous development programme – even our managing director – and as part of that programme we take part in a wide variety of training sessions and courses with our partners throughout the UK and Europe.

A case in point: here’s Edmundas arriving at his latest training course at Schüco’s technology centre in Milton Keynes!

Hey good looking our production!

These stunning, bespoke security front doors prove that our security doors not only look great but deliver the utmost in secure and safe residential living.

With hundreds of different designs, colours, finishes, fixtures and fittings to choose from, Secure House really is a one-stop shop for all your security needs.

From high quality security windows and doors, steel doors, garage doors and shutters, to bi-fold doors, fire doors and beautiful sash windows, we’re all about keep you, your property and your assets safe.

Collage of security front doors

Our team of experienced security advisors, engineers and construction managers is dedicated to delivering personalised solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We work closely with architects, site managers, developers and builders as well as individuals who are designing and building their own homes or offices. Whoever you are, we can save you time, effort and expense.

We carefully select our suppliers based on the quality of their materials and craftsmanship and believe that no matter how the security level required, our products look great and functionality is never compromised.

Pop into our showroom in Luton or call us on 0207 8594 207 to arrange a consultation, we’d love to hear from you!

Secure House at ecobuild 2018

See you at ecobuild 2018!

We’re going to ecobuild at ExCel in London from 6 – 8 March 2018 and we’d love to see you there on our stand at D1C!

At the show, the Secure House team will be presenting several new additions, specifically for passive homes and other eco building projects, to our extensive security door range. These include the SKYDAS 2000, a steel security door which offers a rating of thermal transmittance of just 1W ((m2K) to effectively save heat in the home. Available in a variety of finishes and shades it offers unlimited design possibilities with single, double, side or upper panels and either an in- or outswing option.

We have examples of the SKYDAS Embassy and SKYDAS Fortress doors

We’ll also have examples of the SKYDAS Embassy and SKYDAS Fortress doors from the Diplomatic range on our stand. Both of these doors conform to the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems, SD-STD-01.01, Revision G.

The SKYDAS Embassy offers a high level of security against intruders and has been subjected to a 15-minute attack by a team of two testers using heavy-duty burglary tools. The SKYDAS Fortress provides an extra level of security if there is a perceived high risk of burglary.

Test for 45 minutes!

During testing, a team of six testers attacked the SKYDAS Fortress with heavy-duty burglary tools for 45 minutes! Both doors withstood the attacks and therefore represent an excellent choice for any homeowner wanting the ultimate burglar resistant security door that not only performs, but looks fantastic.

Finally, and most exciting, we’re working hard to showcase a brand new product that we hope we will be able to launch at ecobuild. This ‘never seen before’ product is highly innovative and will have multiple applications but you’ll have to visit us on our stand at D1C to see it and find out more!

Secure House in new partnership with ISEO to offer high security motorised multipoint locks

Unlocking a new partnership

In our pursuit to work with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Italian security lock manufacturer, ISEO, to offer some of the world’s most high security motorised multipoint locks.

ISEO was founded in 1969 by entrepreneur Giuseppe Facchinetti and began manufacturing locks, cylinders and padlocks in Pisogne, a village on Lake Iseo in Northern Italy from which the company got its name.

Today, ISEO is a global business offering an extensive product range and is highly regarded for its electronic solutions that have totally changed the way we are able to manage to security and access control systems.

The Multiblindo E-Motion and Multiblindo Easy

Some of the products that we are now able to offer our customers include the Multiblindo E-Motion and Multiblindo Easy, two high security motorised multipoint locks that deliver instant locking as soon as the door is closed using three 27mm security bolts. The Multiblindo Motion is also compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones too with a convenient and easy to use app.

Emotion Ad SecHs 1 724x1024 - Unlocking a new partnershipThe Multiblindo Motion EXIT

Then there is the Multiblindo Motion EXIT that can be used with PROEXIT panic bars in conjunction with anti-panic doors (EN1125), a Stylos wall reader and premium handles for use on emergency doors (EN179).

x1R Ad SecHs 1 724x1024 - Unlocking a new partnership

Finally, the ISEO X1R and ISEO X1R Smart, a fully motorised, multipoint locking system, is the most advanced and most reliable multipoint locking system on the market. We are so confident of the lock’s durability that we even offer extended warranties on all ISEO electronic locks. Please contact us direct on 0207 859 4207 for more information.