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Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over Garage Doors by Secure House are the most advanced garage door solution on the market today. All the materials that go into our products are the very best available. Our doors are the marriage of artistic design with technical know-how. Check all garage doors here →


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200+ Door designs

Choose from nearly 200 standard up and over garage door designs, or supply your own design.

Up and over garage doors remain one of the most popular options for a new garage door in the UK and its easy to see why. Plenty of flexibility in terms of design and security measures, great durability and an affordable price tag are just a few of the benefits it can offer to property owners.

Typically, they feature a single panel design which during operation, is lifted up vertically and lays flat above a user’s head. This is where the name „up and over“ originates from.

Here at Secure House, every single product is made from the very best available materials, which ensures a durable, stylish, but most importantly secure garage door solution for every customer.

If you are in the market for a set of up and over garage doors, get in touch with our team and we will find the best solution for your property.

What are Up and Over garage doors?

Up and over garage doors are a type of overhead garage door that opens up vertically and retracts along the tracks inside, until it lays flat against the roof of the garage.

They feature a simple construction typically consisting of a single door panel  that can be operated manually using a handle or converted to an electric operation for an additional level of convenience.

It’s also worth pointing out that these doors can be manufactured from a variety of materials, with timber, aluminium and steel being the most popular choices as they offer the best security as well as design customization possibilities.

Such a door type is popular because it offers quite a lot of benefits to property owners such as affordability, ease of use, versatility, a space-saving design, and durability.

Types of up and over garage doors

There are two main types of up and over garage doors in terms of their operating principle: canopy and retractable.

Canopy up and over garage doors

For a long time, canopy styled up and over doors were by far the most popular garage door in the UK and still remain a common choice to this day as a cost-effective and reliable solution that features a simple installation process.

Here, about a third of the door panel swings outside when the doors are opened, creating what’s called a canopy cover. The panel itself is attached to the door frame through a folding arm and also features two wheels on each side that enable the mechanism to operate alongside the tracks.

The panel can then be fully retracted into the inside of the garage until it reaches a position of being flat against the roof of the garage.

Retractable up and over garage doors

Retractable up and over garage doors, meanwhile, are considered to be the more practical subtype of the two. While they do cost slightly more and feature a more complex opening mechanism, it does provide more lifting power, which is ideal for garage properties that have to have a larger set of doors manufactured with heavier panels.

In this case, the doors are attached to the garage through a spring-loaded side arm that comes up from the floor of the sub frame, with the tension of the springs helping the doors come up to their open position. Wheels alongside the tracks allow for the doors to open smoothly and safely.

Retractable doors are also the way to go if you plan to have electric operation for your garage doors, to open or close them with a simple push of a button.

Main benefits of up and over garage doors

As mentioned before, the reason why this door type is still so popular is the variety of benefits they can offer for homeowners.

The main ones being:

  • Affordability – up and over garage doors, especially the canopy gear variant, are relatively inexpensive making them the perfect choice for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Space-saving design – the unique operating mechanism of such doors allows to maximize garage interior space. While about a third of the panel does point outwards during operation, which is important to consider for your driveway none of the space inside of the garage is taken up by the construction.
  • Unique look – such a door set can be manufactured from a variety of materials including timber, steel and aluminium and customized to include a colour scheme or panel design a customer prefers, which helps to create a truly bespoke design.
  • Durability – since they feature a very simple construction and operating mechanism, up and over doors are also a very durable garage door choice for both domestic and commercial properties, with minimal maintenance necessary.
  • Safety & Security – such doors can be easily customized to include security locks, a reinforced frame and many other measures to prevent intruders and theft.

Things to keep mind when considering a garage door

Before going with an up and over or any other type of garage door option, we believe there are certain things every customer must consider related to their project.

  1. Size & layout – finding the right garage door size is key to ensure a seamless fit in terms of design, good security and insulation for the garage. Also, it’s important to keep in mind the overall layout of the property to ensure the doors don’t rob valuable driveway or garage space.
  2. Door materials – garage doors can be manufactured from a variety of materials including steel, aluminium and wood. Steel, for example, is more durable, but wood can give a more attractive look for the property. As a customer, you have to consider what’s more important to you.
  3. Design cues – the best garage doors will not only fit the overall architecture of your property, but also enhance its features even further. Carefully consider whether traditional or modern style doors will work better in your situation.
  4. Insulation – to ensure that your garage is energy efficient, the insulation properties of a door are also important to consider. This depends on the material from which the door is made as well as additional solutions such as weather stripping that can be added too.
  5. Security – since garage doors are a common entry point for intruders and burglars, proper security measures have to be integrated into the property. Reinforced door frames, bespoke locks and hinges are just a few to consider.

If you’re unsure what garage door solution to go with,  get in touch with our team of experts. We promise a free on-site inspection of your property and expert advice to help you find an ideal set of garage doors!

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