Banham locks

Focus on Banham locks

It goes without saying that a lock is one of the most important elements of any door and Banham locks have to be one of the most famous and prestigious brands on the market.

Iconic triangular lock

We are frequently asked by clients if we can include a Banham lock on their door, particularly a front door. Instantly recognisable by its inverted triangle lock and the Banham stamped logo in the metal above the key insert, these specific locks are synonymous with precision engineering and a long and proud history when it comes to home security.

Every Banham lock is made by to precise and exacting standards by highly skilled engineers with each being expertly handcrafted to create a reliable, solid and strong lock that people trust.

Made in Britain

bahnam lockThese British-made door locks are protected by a patent and Banham’s Key Registration System. This system is specifically designed to provide fully audited and controlled security and give homeowners the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to keeping their property secure from intruders.

Multiple locks, just one key

Bespoke locks are also a key part of Banham’s portfolio. If required, each door lock can be made to match unique requirements with the ability to have locks working with just one single Banham key.

So-called ‘lock kits’ can be custom made according to specific needs and are presented as ‘keyed alike’. This means that each key will work in every lock supplied with the lock kit.

This is a very popular choice with many of our clients because it eliminates the use of multiple keys – no bunch of keys to lose or weigh you down!

Complete peace of mind when it comes to home security

And, if you do happen to lose they key you can be reassured by the fact that every Banham lock is protected by the company’s totally unique Key Registration System so copies can never, ever be made without your knowledge or consent.

What’s more almost every Banham lock is insurance approved to British Standard and meets Police Preferred Specification. Now that’s what we call assurance.

If you’d like to include a Banham lock or locks with your security doors, please get in touch and we can discuss option. Contact the Secure House team on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]