The highly adaptable top light

Nowadays, there are so many different door styles out there to chooses from but it’s safe to say that may of the more traditional doors that clients have in their homes feature what’s known as a ‘top light’.

A top light is more often than not found over the top of the door (the clue is in the name!) and they became increasingly popular during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

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Edwardian era doors you can choose here –>

They’re the ideal solution to adding light into a narrow, dark hallway in properties of this time and they’re enjoying somewhat of a revival today.

We’re all for retaining and keeping the top light

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had several clients approach us to say that they love the existing top light in their home. Their concern is that they want to replace the original door with a security doors and they’ll have to get rid of the top light. No way, not here at Secure House!

SECURITY DOORS WITH TOP LIGHT security doors with glazed panel white-security doors with top light

Whatever you want from a top light, we can deliver it

Every client is, of course, different so we our offering ensures we are able to adapt to each individual’s budget and needs. We can work around an existing top light, we can refurbish an existing top light, we can create a brand new top light and we can include one where there wasn’t one before.

It is our professional recommendation that existing top lights are indeed replaced, mainly from a security, insulation and overall aesthetic perspective. The majority of original top lights are made from very thin glass which has zero thermal properties – not great for keeping a house warm in the autumn and winter months! But, if cost is an issue, we can keep the existing, original top light in place to ensure this glazed feature continues to be part of the property design for years to come.

steel security double door and top light steel security double door with top light

Possibilities of side glazed panels

And if a top light isn’t what you want, we can always create side glazed panels either side of the door or just one side. Or you can even have all three: glazed side panels AND a top light.

Here at Secure House, we want to work with you to create your perfect door and entrance to your home. We are flexible, adaptable and, above all, we love to get creative.

For more information on top lights or glazed panels and security doors for your home, please feel free to call us on 0207 859 4207 or email us at [email protected]